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Your Feet and Criminal Activity

By Doctor Norman Spector


“A house is only as good as its foundation” is a cliché that is oh so true. If the foundation isn’t level, all kinds of unfortunate things happen. Things start to fall apart, bricks come loose, gaps begin to form and the inspector condemns the building.

All these terrible things can happen to your body if your foundation is not level. Your body can become condemned as it begins to fall apart. The first sign is the low back pain. The building inspector, or in this case Dr. Spector (it could be Dr. Riley), may observe that your hips are not level. Your shoulders are out of kilter. You walk with a forward tilt, like Sherlock Holmes looking for clues with his magnifying glass.

The solution is clear. You need to have your foundation corrected, leveled as it were.  You need a pair of custom orthotic inserts to put into a pair of well constructed shoes. All this has to be done before you can comfortably occupy your body again. Otherwise, you can live there but the accommodations are not up to code, not up to specs. They are not up to the standards needed to keep you balanced and out of pain. Pain that begins in the low back then migrates to the shoulder blades and into the neck. Bingo! Now you’re getting headaches. Did I mention knee and ankle pain?

All this comes from your feet. Alright, so why am I-a chiropractor- writing about the feet? I’m not a foot doctor. I had to learn about them in school, their anatomy, that sort of thing. But what does that have to do with the back? Everything!

At the risk of asking too many questions, did you know that your feet actually have three arches? That’s right: the medial arch-everybody knows about that one-the transverse arch and the lateral arch. Their function is to support you when you are standing and walking. They are like two tripods.

So, when you stand straight with your weight evenly divided between your two feet, your body weight is compressing your feet into deformity. Standing, walking and running, the function of the arches is to provide support, equal support. Often those apparently high arches collapse when the weight of your body is compressing them into deformity.

Like people, all arches are not created equally. Some are sturdier than others not only from person to person but from foot to foot, and some people are born with one foot flatter and wider than the other. It’s a genetic thing. 50% of the body’s weight should be on one foot and the other 50% on the other foot, otherwise the body is lopsided. Keep in mind that this lopsidedness is not for a short time but all the time. It slowly, methodically wears down the body.

This is known as asymmetrical pronation with achilles tendon bowing. When standing one leg is shorter than the other because one foot is flatter and wider than the other.

And it’s a CRIME!

That’s right, it’s a crime. Look...it’s bad for anybody of any age to have one leg shorter than the other when standing. It changes the center of gravity and stresses the spine and extremities, creates all sorts of havoc. It’s a crime because most doctors don’t ever look for it, don’t ever acknowledge it. It’s not in their training. It’s not in their world. But its greatest crime is against the young.

Young people who have one foot flatter and wider than the other still have a chance to live a pain free life. They have a chance to compete at a higher level in athletics. They have a chance to avoid injury. And they have a chance to become adults with a body not worn down and ravaged by postural distortions created by their feet.

If these young people are fitted with flexible orthotic inserts that support all three arches, they have a chance to be much better student athletes and to live a much better life. This is quite a statement that is oh so true.

This article by Dr. Norman Spector is brought to you by your Towson Chiropractor and your Baltimore Chiropractor who invite you to bring in your child or any family member for a complimentary foot scan.

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