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The Incredible Vanishing Headache

Step right up ladies and gentlemen. Now you suffer; now you don’t. Witness the incredible vanishing act for yourself. Now don’t be shy. Step right up! You’ve read about it in the newspapers. You’ve heard about it on the radio. Now you can see it for yourselves: A once in a life time opportunity to get rid of daily migraines. Discover for yourself the amazing magic of chiropractic. Tell your family and tell your friends-no brag to your family and friends-you have no headaches. They have magically disappeared. Puff! So what if you’ve had them for years? So what if they’ve been ruining your life? So what if you tried everything: meds, acupuncture, massage, tea leaves, witchcraft? And the final, most galling of all, you went to web sites where like sufferers discussed what they do about their headaches. Guess what? No one ever mentioned chiropractic. Dah!

Fiction? A sad attempt by Dr. Spector to be funny? No way! Here’s just one story of hundreds since I’ve been in practice. This was the presenting history: young lady in her early thirties, 3 years daily migraines and neck pain. X-rays revealed a misalignment of C-1 and C-2 at the base of the skull. After the first treatment, she had no headaches, no pain at all. From the first treatment on, she has had no more migraines or neck pain.

The question is does this happen all the time? That short and sweet? No, of course not. I’m obviously giving you an example of one of best and quickest results.

Let me tell you another story about a female wrestler! That’s right a female professional wrestler in her early twenties. She had injured her neck in a grudge match. It seems as though she shared the same first name as another female wrestler. Apparently, their mutual first names created mutual resentment. So they settled the matter the way most civilized people do: in the ring; no holds barred. As fate would have it, that’s why she came into see me in the first place. But I digress. After several weeks of treatment, she asked me, “Is chiropractic any good for headaches?” “Yes,” I promptly answered. Here’s her story: “I’ve had headaches since childhood. I went to the pediatrician repeatedly for my headaches, and he would always prescribe something stronger. But I still had the headaches every day. As an adult, I just learned to live with them. But since I’ve started treatment, I’ve not had a single headache. I can’t ever remember not having a headache every day.” 

The lady wrestler was a patient awhile back, and I haven’t seen her in a number of years. But the last I heard from her, she remained headache free. She told me it was like magic.  

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