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Success Stories:

I have definitely had fewer headaches, almost none, actually. Back pain is minimal to non existent. I've been sleeping a lot better, too!!


Since starting my sessions, I'm able to sleep better. Less next pain and shoulder pain. No longer having sciatica issues. Highly recommend program!


My neck pain and shoulder tension have been much better. I don't need to take ibuprofen all the time anymore. 


Wen I first came for a consultation, I was experiencing pain in my lower back and legs. The pain was worse when I ran long distances. As a distance runner, I do long runs frequently. After three visits, I noticed significant (pain) reduction in my legs and lower back. Now after a month of treatments, I am able to run pain free. 


So far since beginning treatment, my upper  back pain has been less frequent / more bearable. I've found it easier to get through the day without having to stretch / crack my back as much but I still feel a great release in pressure / pain at my appointments.