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  • Your Feet And Criminal Activity
    “A house is only as good as its foundation” is a cliché that is oh so true. If the foundation isn’t level, all kinds of unfortunate things happen. Things start Read more
  • The Incredible Vanishing Headache
    Step right up ladies and gentlemen. Now you suffer; now you don’t. Witness the incredible vanishing act for yourself. Now don’t be shy. Step right up! You’ve read about it Read more
  • Tips for Easing Lower Back Pain
    Hello, one and all, Matt here!! And welcome to a new article from Spector Chiropractic, your Towson/Baltimore Chiropractor. Todays subject will focus on lower back pain and a couple of tips Read more
  • Thinking Outside The Toybox
    Thinking Outside the Toybox: Spector Chiropractic Starts a New Holistic Parenting GroupEveryone has an opinion on how you should raise your children – from your best friend, to your pediatrician, Read more
  • The Herniated Lumbar Disc
    What is a herniated or slipped disc? Understanding what it is requires knowledge of the anatomy of a lumbar disc and what changes occur when it herniates. First, the inside Read more
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Diet: A Key to Eating Well
    'You are what you eat' implies that what you eat can be good or bad for you. But why is it?Look, I'm a chiropractor treating low back pain, neck pain, Read more
  • Save your Children's Backs as They Head Back to School
    Save your Children's Backs as They Head Back to SchoolBack to school time brings about a period of transition for the family as everyone reacclimates to being on a strict Read more
  • ONLY TWO KINDS OF PEOPLE (about low back pain)!!
    There are only two kinds of people in the world, those with low backpain and those who are going to get it. An exaggeration? Not really.Who do you know who Read more
  • Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain and Sometimes My Arm Goes Numb!
    At Spector Chiropractic we hear patients lament about their neck pain. They're bewildered that they can't seem to find any real, long lasting relief. We hear it all the time, Read more
  • Neck Pain
    Neck pain has become a very common medical problem. Common causes include sedentary lifestyles, poor posture and sitting hunched over for hours at a time. There are certain simple exercises Read more
  • Low Back Pain
    There is still a lot of debate around acute lower back pain remedies. Within 30 days of pain starting point, 90% of cases of acute pain in the low back Read more
  • I Was a Chiropractic Child
    I Was a Chiropractic Child, by Dr. Norman SpectorI WAS A CHIROPRACTIC CHILD, as was my sister. The main reason we were chiropractic children was because our father was a Read more
  • Chiropractic Management of Low Back Pain and the Herniated Lumbar Disc
    In chiropractic management of low back pain, we have an old adage, "There are only two kinds of people in the world: those that have low back pain and those Read more